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the profanity of insanity

i like meeting up with people in random parts of strange towns and walking around aimlessly until we find something better to do. my weekends are never planned out but always end up spectacular. i enjoy chillaxing with the old folks in king city and downtowning with the homies. what else....well i like rock music, but good rock music. basically any band with nice vocals, awesome guitar riffs, and SWEET tempo changes is a-okay with me. i've heard a lot from many people that i am basically a guy, and sad to say it's kind of true. to be honest, i don't listen to girly music, i don't talk like a girl but i'm down with that. i'm not a super complex person and i will open up to anyone who trusts me enough to open up to me. i love making new friends and i especially love trying to be a helping hand to someone who is struggling with something hard. most of the people at my school have no idea who i am, so if you don't know me lets change that and we can be friends.

oh, Jesus is my everything. in case you were wondering :)